The Agricultural Cooperative Očová has been transformed from the former Collective Farm Očová  the roots of which reach back to 19th July 1949. Its predecessor was founded through the fusion of the Dairy Cooperative and Pasture Cooperative, and later promoted to a modern agricultural establishment.
Transformation of the today's agricultural cooperative was carried out in the years 1990 - 1992. The cooperative through the system of rented land from 1,345 private owners cultivates 4,576 ha of land.
The Agricultural Cooperative uses the land of 6 villages and towns. The elevation of the grounds ranges from 350 to 960 m a. s. l. The average yearly temperature is 8,3 °C, and the average total precipitations are 714 mm/year, out of which 405 mm are during the vegetation period.
Out of 4,576 ha of land 2,003 ha is arable land and 2,573 ha are pastures.
On the arable land the major part belongs to cereals (wheat, rye, spring and autumn barley, and oats), autumn rape, fodder legumes, potatoes and fodder plants (mainly silage maize, lucerne and clover). The main market crops are cereal seeds, seeds of legumes, clover and winter rape.In animal husbandry the Cooperative is focused on cattle breeding for milk, pig and sheep raising.
The average number of heads of cattle oscillates around 1,900, out of them 900 cows. The cattle is mostly of Holstein breed. From cows, besides high milk production, there is another profit - the top quality embryos for fastening and promoting the reproduction process. At the annual exhibition Agrokomplex Nitra the dairy cow from the cooperative won first place and was awarded the title "Champion of the Exhibition". Pigs are about 6,500 in number, and sheep about 1,600. The Cooperative sells 6 million liters of milk and 900 tons of pork a year.
The Cooperative owns its own machinery park with repair workshops and garages. For most of their animals the Cooperative prepares fodder mixtures in their own factory.
The Cooperative provides work for 250 people (members and employees), including social and educational programmes. The private landowners are paid regular rent and dividends.
The Cooperative organizes events exceeding the frame of the village and region. In 1996, Očová was a venue of the First Championship of Slovak Republic in Plowing. Every year since 1995 the Cooperative organizes the all-Slovakia event - the Day of the Field with demonstrations of agricultural machinery and harvest of fodder plants.
The Agricultural Cooperative Očová will take every effort to maintain prosperity and high reputation also in the future.